Welcome dear friend,

Welcome to the Wish Tree Community!

We are a tribe of purpose-driven folk who believe we can make a difference in this world whilst having a blast and feeling amazing. You belong with us!

Because I’m wondering if you have been feeling a tug deep inside you lately?

A tug, a voice, a stirring, a vibration, telling you that now is the time to fully connect with your purpose and take action?

Telling you that now is the time to Let the Light in?

I believe that

You were made for these times

and that

Your time is NOW.

Why am I so certain of this?

Well because as Coaches, Healers and Wellbeing facilitators, we have the power to create community. To create hope, to hold space grounded in love.

And right now, in this very moment, people are crying out for such spaces, crying out for community. People are crying out for healing, for support, for love, for transformation.

But creating a community requires something bigger of us.

It requires us to step out and step up. It requires us to become the Leaders of Light we were always meant to be.

We live in turbulent times, where there is no place for hiding.

For many of us, the prospect of becoming an Authentic Transformational Leader can seem frightening and make the Gremlins that we all carry shout louder.

“Who am I to step up and step out? Transformational Leader? Me? Will I be enough?” you might hear them question.

The closer we are to our own truth, to our true selves, the stronger our Gremlins become, because they are there to keep us safe, help us stay put in the status quo. They are the hardest working bodyguards ever.

Stepping out means making ourselves vulnerable – but this is also where connection – deep connection – and community happens.

We were never meant to step out and step up on our own. Never meant to figure it all out by ourselves.

We were always meant to be supported. Meant to be held. Meant to be cheered on. Meant to be part of community.

If we want to create community, we have to be part of community.

If we want to support others, we have to allow ourselves support.

When we are open to receive and allow ourselves the support we need, we open up to creativity, to flow and to our own greatness. You stepping into your Authentic Power and creating community around your work starts right there. By reaching out, asking for what you need and finding your mentors and your tribe.

And the very moment you do, the Gremlins become redundant.
They are no longer needed. You are safe and you are vulnerable all at the same time – firmly outside your comfort zone.

Such is the power of support.

And THAT’S precisely why you are so very Welcome to the Wish Tree tribe. We have a Facebook page and a Facebook Group Called Time to shine!. Head over there for connection, inspiration and free training.

And this is my commitment to you:


I am here to hold space for you, to mentor you, to walk right next to you on your journey. To grab you when you are consumed by self-doubt and pull you gently but firmly upwards, towards the light. To tell you I see that beamingly beautiful bright light inside you, even when you don’t see it yourself, and help you understand that now is the time to shine it – not hide it.

You were never meant to do it on your own. I wasn’t either.
None of us were.

[Join the free group Time to Shine! by clicking on this link

When we truly are in our Greatness, we have complete awareness of the fact that we are all connected and that we are all ONE.

Are feeling the call to action deep inside your soul?

Let’s let the Light in – together,

With my Love,