Welcome to 2018 my friend.


Are you feeling what I am feeling?
‘How fast time passes! How is it possible that it’s 2018?’

And in the same breath:
‘How PRECIOUS. How precious time is’

2018 is here, we have arrived.

And what a blessing it is to be alive and know that this is what we came for. To be here now.

Now. In 2018.

It’s wonderously exciting, is it not?

Imagine. A whole blank new chapter ahead of us.
Waiting for us. 

Saying: take my hand! 

So let’s Vision together.

Let’s make the most nourishing, bold and fiercely authentic vision you have ever made! 

Let’s vision together because we will be journeying together in this brave new world that is 2018.

And just in the same way as we made room for ourselves to reflect on 2017 [if you haven’t done that already, take a moment to do that using these guiding powerful questions],
the invitation is to:

Make a space that is undisturbed and comfortable for you.
Perhaps light a candle, perhaps include some scents.
Bring your favourite hot drink
Perhaps play some beautiful relaxing music 
Close your eyes or place them in a soft gaze, whatever works for you, and breathe deeply, slowly, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, connecting with your heart.
Repeat 6 times.
Say to your heart: ‘I hear you, I am listening’
Make sure you feel the ground touching some part of your body. You are held and supported by the Earth.

Now take a moment to feel into the following questions:

Allowing yourself to choose anything you want:

What will you invite into your life in 2018?
Who will you invite?

Who and what will you move away from? 

What drama will you say no to?

What will your life look like if you were to TRULY say yes to you in 2018? 

What bold radical action will you take?

Where and when will you be kinder to yourself?

What will your life look like 2018 if you lived it with more:

Work with your answers in any way you like, writing them in a journal, making a mind-map or creating a vision board collage.
If you want, head over to our free Facebook group Time to Shine! and share with us.

Enjoy your exploration

Let’s make 2018 your year.

With my love to you for your new chapter,