4 Essential Keys to a flourishing Heart-led business in 2018

Over the next week, I will be sharing with you my 4 Essential Keys to a flourishing Heart-led business in 2018. First out is FOCUS. Focus is all about decreasing distraction, turning down the noise, going within and decluttering. Not only in our physical environment, but in our hearts and minds too. Forgiveness is one of the greatest tools for a lighter and brighter mindset, more focus and more flow. When we forgive, we give ourselves the gift of abundance! 

Your vision for 2018

2018 is here! Wow. 20.18. We are blessed with a brand new chapter with brand new possibilities. What if 2018 could be the year that you were truer to yourself than ever before? What will 2018 look like if you live it with more love, courage and play?

2017- how was it for you?

It’s been a roller-coaster of a year – right? So much to process and so why not reflect together? Take a moment to sit with a few powerful questions to help you leave 2017 behind and usher in the energy of your brand new year.

A Wish Tree Forest for you

Trees are essential to human life, essential to ALL life on Planet Earth. Trees also show us how important it is for us to be grounded if we are to grow tall, how to be resilient and strong, how to be present. This year Wish Tree has planted trees and saved rainforest in honour of our collective evolution and flourishing.

You are a Precious Gift

This year, you have given me so much. You are why I get up every every day and go to work. You are who I connect with heart to heart when I reach out and you 

say yes. I feel blessed beyond measure that you are part of my tribe. Thank you!

Get ready to launch your heart-led business in 2018!

Hi dear you, Over the past couple of months, I’ve been writing to you every week about shining our light. Moving past what dims it so we can stand in our power and make a bigger difference in the world. For many of us in the Wish Tree community that means either...

Why I invested $40K in Shining my Light Brightly

Shining brightly means practising the art of receiving. That can be easier said than done if we have grown up with a belief that our needs are not as important as other people’s needs, or we somehow believe that honouring our needs is selfish. The moment we say yes to our Light is the moment we must say yes to BIG SUPPORT. And Big support means big investment. 

10 Ways to Raise your Vibration and Shine your Light more brightly

A commitment to serving higher means paying attention to the energy we show up with! Our impact and success stand in direct proportion to the energetic vibration we decide to foster in ourselves. So, are you ready to shine brighter and step into abundance? 

When we say yes to the Light we say yes to the Mess

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to step out there and shine their light and others don’t? It is not the case that one person’s light is brighter than another, the difference lies only in perception, courage and curiosity.

When we invite the Light into our lives we in effect invite the Mess in. The Mess that we haven’t looked at – numbed and been on the run from, and therefore did not find the learning from.

The moment we see our mess as our teacher and decide to have the courage to be curious about it, is the moment we are well on our way to truly shining our light.