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The Power of Reflection 4 key areas of reflection that will enable you to thrive as a change maker

Reflection is one of the most powerful life-skills and key practices for a change maker to engage in, if we are to truly make a difference in the world, and serve and lead with clarity and integrity. In this blog post you will learn about the 4 key areas for reflection for any successful purpose-driven entrepreneur, as well as why reflection is often underprioritsed and seen as vulnerable.

The real reason we find it hard to set healthy boundaries

Boundaries are an extension of our commitment to our thriving life and legacy.
It’s what we say YES and NO to in practise.

Healthy boundaries is part of how we get to place the word ‘conscious’ in front of ‘entrepreneur’! It’s how we make both time and space for what feels good and true.

So why can it be a challenge to set healthy boundaries?
It goes right back to the earliest part off our lives.

Here comes the sun – why most people are scared to make a plan

As a guide to change makers wanting to create ripples of transformation through their service in the world, I sometimes get perplexed at the amount of resistance I encounter when I invite people to create a plan with tangible steps that will actually help them take...

2020 – what did you learn?

For the past 6 years, I’ve reflected on the same set of reflective questions and invited the Wish Tree community to do the same. It’s a beautiful ritual, and I invite you to join in! The turn of a year is a time for introspection, for closure and for a new start – a time of significant energetic shifts. ????????

⭐️Whatever we have survived, celebrated, or struggled with in 2020, let’s acknowledge it, take what we need from those experiences and then let them go.
If we want to enter 2021 with the freshness and curiosity that will allow us to be present with whatever it may bring us, spending a little time reflecting on and releasing the old year behind us can be both cathartic and rewarding.

9 Attributes of a Conscious Leader in times of change

Our world is calling out for conscious leaders right now. And I believe you are one of them.
Conscious Leadership, first and foremost, means self-leadership. It means having the courage to self-reflect so that we can come to grow, every step of the way. It means becoming the change we wish to see in the world around us. We cannot lead others unless we are willing to lead ourselves first.

How to support a friend dealing with involuntary childlessness

How to support a friend dealing with involuntary childlessness

As a society we don’t often speak openly of the emotional, mental and physical impacts on infertility and involuntary childlessness on individuals, couples and families. So today, I’m inviting us to break the silence and own our stories so that we can unite as one sisterhood this Mother’s Day.

Let the Loving Disruptor in you unleash your Light

Our Big Visions need us to hold them and to be the very love that they are here to manifest. Our Big Visions are love in action. If we are engaging in fear-based patterns of behaviour we will not create our business from love but from fear. If you have been feeling sucked into old negative patterns of behaviour lately you are not alone. Let’s tune in to the Loving Disruptor in us, who is fiercely committed to unleashing your Light, and call fear out.

How to find our true purpose

As a mentor to heart-led entrepreneurs, I often get asked the question: how can I know what my purpose is? Having a sense of purpose and knowing what our true purpose is is not the same thing. I know. Until I came to understand that I was worthy of an abundant life being me, I ploughed my energy into causes that sought to justify my existence through worthy causes. Knowing our purpose is all about seeing ourselves and loving what we see. 

Light Unleashed: The Wish Tree Academy is 2!

It’s hard for me to take in, but this month, The Wish Tree Academy turns 2. It’s been 2 of the most incredible, life-changing years of my life. From a tribe of zero, we are now thousands. From a community of nil, we are now hundreds of Lightworkers, Coaches, Wellbeing facilitators, Artists, Activists, Healers of all kinds. When we let ourselves out of the prison of fear, the fear that comes from our past, we can finally be fully present. And THAT’S when the magic happens. It’s only when we are present in the now that we can align with Love, Source Energy and be the vessel we have said YES to being in the world. That’s what I did when I said yes to my heart-led business, and that is what I want for you too.

Are you serving from an overflowing cup?

I often speak to wellbeing facilitators who are exhausted, don’t make time for their own rest, put their clients’ needs before their own and drastically undercharge for their services.  But there is NOTHING spiritual about any of that. It’s time to get our priorities right. Almost every time I am on a call with my magnificent coach, Lisa Nichols, she reminds me of the importance of serving from an OVERFLOWING CUP. Not a full cup. An OVERFLOWING cup. To her, and now to me, that means embracing abundance in ALL forms UNAPOLOGETICALLY so we can show up fully in our service.

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