Hi, I’m Emily,

I help coaches, healers, wellbeing facilitators – just like you – to create your abundant heart-led business in alignment with the true you.

You are alive at this time for a reason and so am I.

We are both here to live our purpose and shine bright.

To take the journey from fear to love and create a life from a place of joy.

To contribute to the healing of the world.

We were made for these times.

Your truest, most magnificent self is waiting to be born!

Let me be your midwife.

With so much Love,

“I have come to drag you out of yourself and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky”


The Wish Tree Academy provides you with a loving space to create, launch and grow your abundant, heart-led business in alignment with your gifts, story, message and purpose.

Time to Shine is your loving tribe! 
A community of coaches, healers, Lightworkers, wise-women, shamans, artists, Earth-lovers, rising together.
Our time is Now!

Emily, you have literally changed my life! This programme and you have given me the life lessons that I've needed to learn and blocks I've needed to clear in order to really step into my truth, and I simply cannot thank you enough! I knew I wanted to shift from corporate to a more holistic career, but this has opened up a whole world I didn't think I could be a part of and I know this has set me on my true path to help others, and gain abundance and joy for myself in the process.
It's made me more confident that I have a gift to share with the world and made me realise the extent to which my spiritual path can become a key driver of my life and career.

Malina Horbury

I have loved digging deep, exploring and creating whilst being held in a safe space. I have felt so blessed to witness my own and everyone else's journey through the programme. The process has been very thorough and I feel really steeped in my life purpose statement and my workshop. It's been a beautiful experience. I feel that I am living my truth and starting to shine my light more brightly. Workshop Blueprint has given me a safe space to practice being my authentic self with others. I'm now ready to show up for my business by being more visible in the world.

Claire Harvey

Emily, you are an angel! My life will never be the same again! You have been an absolute gift to all of us. Thank you for believing in me, that I could do this, I have a heart-led business! Can still hardly take it in! Thank you for holding space, for your encouragement, and love that you gave. You are the perfect example of a true leader.

Marcia Hylton

Thank you so much for creating such a heart-centred and comprehensive programme. For your encouragement, your consistent and unwavering belief in your tribe and in me. Your dedication and commitment to empowering others to step into their power and authenticity is just wonderful. I never knew I'd be able to achieve and change so much in such a short space of time! You're an inspiration and a blessing.

Su Orosa

You have been my greatest gift this year.
Whatever lies ahead this next year I will always look upon this year as my greatest learning, my greatest connection, my greatest decision and my greatest moments of love. May light and love be eternally flowing towards you. A more beautiful soul I have never had the grace or good fortune of encountering than yours. I am forever grateful and will hold you in my heart always.

Karina, Karina Williams Coaching

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