Why detoxifying from perfectionism helps you leap afraid

If perfectionism is breathing down our neck, there is a story of shame that still owns us which prevents us from SHOWING UP FULLY and serve from a place of true presence and love. That shame-story tells us we are not enough. That story tells us that we should fear judgment, rejection, and ridicule if we allow our light to shine and show our true selves, if we speak up and step out. So it holds us back. Learn how detoxifying from perfectionism will help you leap afraid and get you moving forward in your heart-led business today. 

How to shine brightly this Summer Solstice

Today is a day of new beginnings, of shining our brightest! So today, and this weekend I invite you to join into a collective commitment to harness the light of the Solstice, the brightest day of the year, and say a resounding YES to moving forward with our heart-led business! But in order to do that, we need to shine a light on the fear that is holding us back. Our procrastination, our perfectionism, our fear of not being enough, of being judged as inadequate.

Are you pretending? Why belonging to you makes you shine brighter

I don’t know about you, but there have been some pretty gigantic shifts happening lately, especially since the April Pink Moon.
Where we thought we had done ‘the work’, more keeps showing itself to us.
Where we have surrendered, we are called to surrender more.
Where we have let go, we are called to let go more.
Where we have been called to forgive, we are called to forgive more.
Mother Earth has been calling us home so we can lay down in her arms and be held. Held and supported. Embraced.
So all our resistance to the darkness can melt away in order for it to be healed.
So that we can be the Light.

Nourished through Love

“When we are nourished through love we can share our truth without fear”, was the message I received in a recent shamanic journey. “When you embody Mother Earth’s energy and heal your roots, you will rise to the sky and fly”. As Lightworkers, we are being called to ground ourselves, to make sure we pay attention to our roots, the stories we carry with us from childhood, so that we can grow tall and weather any storm.

You are lost without You

When we are feeling stuck in our heart-led business, chances are that we need more information. But the information we need is not what we might think: business models, social media strategies or marketing funnels. Not first. That’s for laters. No, the information we need is much closer to home. Step away from the computer and look within. As Carl Jung said: “Our vision only becomes clear when we look inside our hearts”.

No clue where to start with your heart-led business?

Are you somebody who would love to get going with your heart-led business but feels overwhelmed with how to do it? Haven’t got a clue where to start? Or started, and then got overwhelmed? In this blog post, I share why it’s important to let go of first knowing “the how” of successfully creating, launching and growing our business first, so that our Big Why can be in the driver’s seat. I also share why “the how” is the easiest part in business.

What is the state of your internal garden?

It’s Earth Day! Time to tune into, honour, listen to, give thanks to our home, our beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia. Today is about honouring that we are from her and that she is all we’ve got. Today is about healing our relationship with her. And as we do, we set into our Divine Feminine and the place of pure potentiality inside us. What is the state of your internal garden? Is it full of old dead leaves, fallen branches, and moss covering the fertile ground that lives inside you? Or have you prepared the ground well, so that you can sow the seeds of your abundant life with ease? 

The Divine Feminine & Financial Abundance

Are you wanting to attract more money into your life? Are you unsure if you can be both spiritual and rich at the same time? As we embrace the New Moon energy of uprising & rebirth, join the conscious conversation about how Spirituality & Financial abundance go hand in hand!

I screamed: “I need support”!

Our breathtaking life starts with commitment. And it also starts with leaning into vulnerability, to being held rather than just helped. At some point, our heart-led business will ask of us to let go, surrender and step into a place of true support. Read my story.

Will You Help Envision A New Earth?

As the weather is calling us to take a moment to stop, reflect and surrender, I am inviting you to envision what a new kind of living here on Earth could look like. A new paradigm of living in harmony with Gaia, our home, and with all living beings. Last weekend I had the privilege of experiencing what such a life and such a community could look and feel like as I attended the Envision festival in Costa Rica.

My 5 Key Learnings From Working With Lisa Nichols – Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

Learning from Lisa Nichols has been a life-changing experience. Aside from a ton of strategies, tools, techniques and skills about how to shape and share our heart-led message, grow our business abundantly and touch the lives of people in our tribes, I have come away with 5 key mindset and energetic learnings that I want to share with you! Don’t forget to watch the recorded FB live video from Costa Rica! 

For the love of you

Hello dearest You, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Today I want you to know just how loved you are and that every issue in your life can be answered, solved, dissolved with LOVE. I have known this in my heart for a while now, but being here at Motivating the Masses HQ...